Protestors Force AOC Out of Movie Theater

( – Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and her fiancé were confronted by a bunch of pro-Palestine protestors outside a movie theatre in Brooklyn, NY, on Monday, March 4. The protesters pressed Ocasio-Cortez to call Israel’s actions in Gaza a “genocide”. In a published video she is seen speaking to the protestors, emphasizing that she does consider the situation unacceptable.

The footage shows the protestors following Ocasio-Cortez and her fiancé down an escalator. They can be heard pushing her to not only agree that the situation is bad, but to straight up call it a genocide. The protesters referenced casualty figures given by the government in Gaza, claiming that over 30,000 people have now died. AOC vehemently denies the protesters’ claims about her position, expressing frustration at their approach.

As the confrontation outside the building continues, Ocasio-Cortez’s fiancé, Riley Roberts, tells the protesters to stop following them. AOC disputes the protesters’ accusations, stating that she has already acknowledged the situation as a genocide. The protesters in the video, however, do not seem to be satisfied with this response.

One of the protesters who questions Ocasio-Cortez claims that no matter what she says the video will go viral. In response, Ocasio-Cortez accuses them of intending to take any comments she says and use them out of context. She eventually concedes to the protestors and calls the conflict a genocide.

Ocasio-Cortez has been critical of Israel’s actions in Gaza, condemning the retaliation following an attack on October 7, allegedly carried out by Hamas militants. In the aftermath, she called for a ceasefire. She suggested reconsidering US aid to the Netanyahu government, asserting that Israel may have committed war crimes.

The current conflict was reignited at the beginning of October 2023 after Hamas launched a coordinated attack on Israel. The reaction from politicians in the US is divided, with most Republicans supporting Israel and most Democrats labeling Israel as the aggressor.

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