Putin Announces Mobilization — Russians IMMEDIATELY Make Escape Plans

Flights Out of Russia SELL OUT After Putin Announces Mobilization

Flights Out of Russia SELL OUT After Putin Announces Mobilization

(IntegrityPress.org) – As Russia’s war in Ukraine has progressed, it’s become increasingly clear things aren’t going as Russian President Vladimir Putin would have liked. The Ukrainian resistance has prevented the invading forces from taking most of their targets and has even regained some lost territory through a counter-offensive. In a much-anticipated video address on Wednesday, September 21, Putin revealed new measures to step up his country’s performance in the conflict, including the partial mobilization of reservists.

In a stark indication of the public sentiment about the war in Russia, flights to many nearby destinations sold out within the hours following his announcement.

Demand for Trains and Planes Out of Russia Skyrockets

According to reports from Russian media outlets, flights to Georgia, Armenia, and Turkey were full within hours of Putin’s speech. In the tweet below, you can see screenshots of the booking page of a Russian airline not allowing the user to purchase an international flight ticket.

Additionally, flights that have remaining capacity have skyrocketed in price. For example, a group of three seeking to travel from Moscow to Istanbul on Wednesday could have paid almost $3,200 for their tickets.

Issues with booking websites for train tickets have also indicated an uptick in demand that may relate to the partial military mobilization.

What Does Partial Military Mobilization Mean?

Putin’s announcement means as many as 300,000 individuals with previous combat training or experience are now eligible for conscription to the military. It’s a less advanced version of full mobilization, which would involve the large-scale conscription of members of the general public and restructuring of the national economy for the benefit of the war effort.

Should the Kremlin enforce this more drastic measure, it could have 25 million troops at its disposal, according to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. This move is the first time a Russian or Soviet leader has ordered a military mobilization since the end of World War II.

During his address, Putin also referred to the possibility of using nuclear weapons in the conflict. He berated the West for what he said were threats against the “territorial integrity” of his country and stated that Russia would do whatever it could to protect itself from these actions. He also claimed Western nations were attempting to use their nuclear capabilities to blackmail Moscow into pulling out of the war.

How do you think will unfold in the next few months in Ukraine?

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