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Putin Says Using Nukes in Ukraine Makes No Sense

Putin Says Using Nukes in Ukraine Makes No Sense

(IntegrityPress.org) – Russian President Vladimir Putin often speaks about his country’s nuclear capabilities. Since the beginning of the Ukraine War, the authoritarian leader and others in his government have regularly floated the idea of using nukes in the European theater. Who can forget the infamous “it’s not a bluff” statement? At a recent think tank symposium, however, Moscow’s leader flipped his position, instead putting the threat of a radioactive strike squarely on Kyiv.

On October 27, Putin spent more than three hours addressing a Russian audience. During the event, he conveyed his thoughts about using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine and plainly dismissed the tactic. He says it makes no sense for Russia or the region for either military or political purposes.

On other fronts, however, the threat of an atomic incident still weighs heavy. Washington and Moscow have been in rare contact recently over fears that a “false flag” event involving a dirty bomb could be in the works. The Russians claim Ukraine wants to detonate a weapon to blame Moscow, which the Ukrainians and the West say is absurd.

Other Russian moves could make nuclear de-escalation difficult as well, such as the annexing of Ukrainian territory. The Kremlin’s nuclear policy is only defensive but includes any attack on the country or its sovereignty. According to Axios, President Joe Biden called Putin’s approach to the nuclear issue “dangerous” and said it would be easy enough to end the war by telling the Russian president to “Get out of Ukraine.”

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