Putin Sets ‘Doomsday’ Device In Motion — Did He Just Go NUCLEAR?

Russia's Nuclear Submarine Deployed From Base

Russia’s Nuclear Submarine Deployed From Base

(IntegrityPress.org) – The Kremlin invasion of Ukraine has caused major security concerns for world leaders as they weigh up whether further conflict might be in the cards. Recent issues with the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which many Western heads of state believe resulted from Russian sabotage, have crystallized these worries. Now, President Vladimir Putin might be making a further show of force in the shape of a nuclear submarine.

According to internal NATO communications leaked by the Italian press, the Belgorod is no longer in its normal position in the Arctic Circle. The massive submarine could be on its way to test the Poseidon nuclear missile, a devastating weapon capable of causing tsunamis that might leave coastal cities underwater.

International restrictions have prohibited Poseidon’s testing. However, with relations between Russia and the West deteriorating by the day, analysts believe a first test could be imminent. If Putin does take this step, it would be yet another provocation of global leaders in the context of his ongoing conflict with Ukraine.

The Russian president revealed the development of the weapon in 2018. Russian media outlets have claimed the projectile can travel 6,000 miles and create a nuclear explosion 130 times as powerful as the bomb the US dropped on Hiroshima at the close of World War II.

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