Rave Massacre Survivors File Lawsuit Against Israel

(IntegrityPress.org) – Survivors who attended a music festival in Israel that was attacked the morning of October 7th by Hamas fighters are suing the state of Israel and its military for gross negligence and seeking $56 million in compensation.

Forty-two plaintiffs listed four different organizations within the Israeli government as defendants in the case. They include the Israeli police, Shin Bet internal security service (Israeli equivalent of the FBI), the Defense Ministry, and the Israeli military.

The group alleged that 364 concert goers were killed and 40 were taken as hostages. They further highlight that the Israeli military had made not-one, but two security assessments overnight before the October 7th attacks due to unusual activity along the border, but failed to issue any warnings to the Supernova rave organizers.

They also point out that the threat was obvious enough that Shin Bet sent soldiers to the area. They further suggest that the military personnel were not even informed that there was a music festival happening close by.

In their complaint, they allege that a simple phone call to cancel the event due to the potential threat could have saved hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries, not to mention the trauma survivors endured.

The festival had been scheduled only to last until the 6th, but organizers asked for and received an extension by the Israeli authorities. It was opposed by Gaza Division’s Operations Officer Lt. Col. Sahar Fogel, but he was overridden by his superiors despite his argument that it was a dangerous “security risk,” according to Haaretz.

An expert witness tapped by the plaintiffs suggested that the festival should have never been held at all so close to Gaza. He said that the music could be heard inside Gaza and the proximity made the event “an easy target.”

Plaintiffs point out that the security assigned for the festival wasn’t adequate; they had only 26 officers armed with pistols despite Israeli law requiring security to have semi-automatic rifles when they are that close to Gaza. Civilian casualties also resulted from Israeli weapon’s fire, further suggesting liability.

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