Russell Brand Announces Baptism Plans Amid Scandal

( – Comedian and commentator Russell Brand has been baptized in the River Thames, England’s longest river, after deciding to “take the plunge” and commit himself to Christianity, according to posts he made on social media. Brand described the baptism, which took place on Sunday, April 28, as “overwhelming” and said that it gave him a feeling of tranquility that no illicit substance had ever managed to achieve, adding that he had taken many in the past.

Brand, who is now a married father-of-three who earns his living mostly creating commentary on social and political issues, has been the subject of recent scandal and attempts to destroy his livelihood following the news that he has been subject to a police investigation over allegations of past wrong-doing. Brand, now 48, was notorious at the height of his fame for his promiscuity, something which he says has resulted in his current “vulnerable position” as police investigate a total of nine accusations of lewd behavior and sexual abuse made by several women who claim to have been targeted by Brand between 2006 and 2013.

Brand denies all allegations, stressing that his romantic encounters have all been consensual. Despite the investigation still being open and no charges having been levied against him since the news broke in October 2023, streaming behemoth YouTube demonetized his channel, which had 6.6 million subscribers. The move came after YouTube and several other broadcasters and streaming services received a letter from the chair of the UK House of Commons Culture, Media, and Sport Committee, Dame Caroline Dinenage, who said that she was “concerned” that Brand could earn money from his content after being accused of criminal behavior.

The controversial comedian, who referred to his baptism as a chance to “die and be reborn”, has expressed a view that it is natural for people to turn to Christianity as they search for meaning in a world witnessing its “value systems and institutions crumble”, and has spoken about his growing interest in Christianity throughout the last year.

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