Russian Commentator Claims Refugees Will Be Sent Near Arctic Circle

( – A Russian pundit has suggested that western nations will collapse due to degenerate behavior and mass immigration becoming normalized resulting in “normal people” fleeing the countries to resettle in Russia. The RT editor and regular Putin apologist Margarita Simonyan then suggested the refugees be sent to live in a desolate region near the arctic circle where the Soviets previously maintained a gulag.

Simonyan made the suggestion on a television program during a panel discussion and her comments were re-shared on social media. The context of the discussion was American support for the Ukrainian war.

The post garnered 225K views after being shared by Julia Davis. Her organization, Russian Media Monitor, tracks pro-Putin propaganda. Simonyan described Rome, suggesting it was a large empire until its eventual collapse. She then implied a similar process was underway in western nations. She’s not the first to make the comparison.

Simonyan then went on a brief diatribe suggesting that Russia would become the target for “normal people” seeking to escape cultural decay. She suggested the refugees could resettle on the Solovetsky Islands, joking that it will “get warm there” due to global warming. The small archipelago extends into the White Sea and was where the former Soviets sent political prisoners who opposed the regime in the early 20th century.

No one on the panel responded or objected to Simonyan’s curious sentiments, except the host who said “bravo,” after she finished. A request for comment earned a sarcastic quip in reply suggesting that there wasn’t a need to wait for the collapse of the West to emigrate to Russia.

Simonyan is a regular firebrand on Russian media, she previously suggested the use of nuclear weapons might be the final outcome after a Ukrainian drone fell near her home town in October last year. She later clarified that she was hopeful it didn’t come to that and the possibility horrified her as a mother.

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