Russian Military Expert Says Kremlin May Target US Ships With Nuclear Weapon

Russian Military Expert Says Kremlin May Target US Ships With Nuclear Weapon

( – A Russian military expert has expressed his belief that Moscow may yet use nuclear weapons in an attack against U.S. military ships.

Igor Korotchenko made his suggestion while appearing on Russian state television to discuss tensions between the U.S. and Russia over the Ukrainian invasion. Korotchenko is a journalist and specializes in military matters. He is also a retired colonel in his country’s military reserves.

Following President Joe Biden’s decision to allow Ukrainian forces to utilize American weapons against certain Russian targets within Russia’s own borders, Moscow has issued a series of warnings to the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin initially warned western leaders that he could sell long-range weapons to forces hostile to their nations. He then authorized the movement of several Russian warships to the Caribbean Sea near Cuba. The flotilla arrived at Havana’s port on Wednesday, June 12, and were scheduled to remain in the area for several days. Both the Russian and Cuban foreign ministries released statements declaring the ships to pose no threat. According to Moscow, the ships were practicing drills in using precision weapons.

Korotchenko, however, was keen to emphasize the potential destructive power of his nation’s ships. He expressed doubt that the flotilla included only one nuclear-powered submarine, as per the official statements, and claimed that the ships’ mission was clear: to counter “American aircraft carrier strike groups”. He went on to say that should the Russian flotilla carry out a strike against American ships, he was certain that they would make use of “special ordnance”. The show’s host explained to the audience that “special ordnance” simply meant “nuclear weapons”, with which Korotchenko agreed.

The Pentagon’s press secretary, Sabrina Singh, told reporters that the Russian exercises presented no threat, although she stated that the U.S. takes seriously any foreign ships operating close to American waters. Despite assurances from authorities that there is no threat, American and Canadian military ships arrived in the region early on Friday, June 14. Canadian ships docked in Havana, citing the “long-standing bilateral relationship” between Canada and Cuba. A U.S. submarine is reported to have instead docked at the nearby American base on Guantanamo Bay.

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