Schism With Corporations Unites GOP

( – Republicans have been considered the party of American big businesses for generations, but recent friction over the debt ceiling has confirmed that the two factions in American politics have grown far apart. Republicans are no longer backing down from their refusal to raise the debt ceiling, despite pleas from banks, billionaires, and other power brokers aligned with corporate America. Despite corporate cries of woe, Republicans are remaining steadfast in their demands for a reformed budget and spending cuts, and are willing to force a national default on America’s 31 trillion dollars of debt to get it.

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida was the first true expression of anti-corporate sentiment in the Republican party, a sentiment that was never fully articulated by Trump. DeSantis’s crushing of Disney’s attempts at interfering with Florida politics signaled to corporations that Republicans were finished with being bullied and lectured by ungrateful allies, and an indication that Republicans finally have a functioning friend-foe identification system. DeSantis has launched a war on woke corporations, and has received almost universal applause for his efforts from the right. Republican support for corporations has since completely evaporated, with Disney’s humbling showing they can be fought, and grassroots fundraising showing they are not needed for victory.

Corporate America’s influence over the American electorate has been waning since the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Donald Trump’s electorate, which has become the new backbone of the Republic party, is working-class voters who desire reform. This reformist streak in the GOP spooked corporations, and despite Trump’s numerous attempts to woo the corporations with gifts and support, they turned their backs on their allies in the GOP. Spearheaded by the tech-giants, corporations adopted liberal positions on contentious cultural war issues, a move that befuddled many with its blatant stupidity. Seven years later, statistics show that all the American corporations have utterly alienated GOP voters while at the same time gaining only the most tacit support from Democrats.

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