SCOTUS Takes Up Ban On Trans Child Procedures

( – The highest court in the land will hear a challenge to Tennessee’s state law banning so-called “gender affirming care” for minor children.

The euphemistic name includes practices that would otherwise be consider genital mutilation, chemical castration, and opposite-sexed hormone treatments. The left prefers to use colorful language like puberty blockers, top or bottom surgery, and claims the procedures allow children to avoid mental discomfort.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is collaborating with the gay-affiliated legal firm Lambda Legal to challenge a ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that affirmed the legitimacy of the law. The Supreme Court recently agreed to hear the challenge.

ACLU attorney Lucas Cameron-Vaughn said that residents of Tennessee deserve to live as their “authentic selves.” The irony of requiring cosmetic surgeries or medically unnecessary chemical treatments to be one’s “authentic self” is seemingly lost on Cameron-Vaughn. He additionally suggested the law was discriminatory against people who believe they are transgender.

Dahron Johnson with the Equality Project suggested that the law intercedes improperly between patient and doctor regarding their medical care. He additionally suggested these procedures are “life-saving.”

The Sixth Circuit majority held that the ban was legitimate because it did not target transgender people, but rather sought to regulate medicinal practices based on their medical justifications. Gender affirming care has no medical justification and indeed there is no test for “transgenderism.” It’s claimed the practice helps abrogate suicide attempts, but the evidentiary support for that claim is lacking or based on short-term studies.

Claims of transgenderism are entirely self-reported, often from minors and young adults who typically have an unstable sense of identity due to immaturity. Many detransitioners have reported trauma and abuse situations which often contribute to the individual wanting to escape themselves.

The Appeals Court also argued that the state has a legitimate interest in protecting minors from unnecessary irreversible medical procedures that carry “significant risk.” Puberty blockers and hormone treatments can cause bone density problems, sterility, mental health complications, and even result in the loss of the ability to experience orgasm or have a natural born child.

It’s only been a very recent development to perform these procedures on children. In the decades prior, one had to be of a certain age and living as an opposite-sexed individual or cross-dressing for years before doctors would even begin the process.

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