Sean “Diddy” Combs Gives Back Key to New York City

Sean "Diddy" Combs Gives Back Key to New York City

( – Sean “P. Diddy” Combs gave back the key to the city after New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s office issued a written request to have the key returned in the wake of Combs’ unfolding assault scandal. Most recently, a March 2016 video that went viral in May appeared to show Combs assaulting then-girlfriend R&B vocalist Cassie Ventura.

Adams’ office sent a June 4 letter informing Combs that they’d like the key returned and it was, shortly thereafter. The key to the city is typically given to individuals who serve the public. The website explains that it’s a reward for “the highest level of achievement” and explains how key-holders are a role model for other New Yorkers.

Mayor Eric Adams awarded the key just last September, so Combs hasn’t even had it for a year. Combs’ multiple residences were raided by the federal authorities on March 25 after multiple women and some men described bizarre assault experiences by Combs. Some alleged that Combs was recording videos of associates and famous people while they were engaged in questionable illicit behavior, possibly using the material for blackmail. A federal official said at the time that a human trafficking investigation was at least part of the reason for the scrutiny placed on Combs.

Mayor Adams said that he was standing “in solidarity” with all victims of domestic violence in the letter.

Combs has also had an honorary degree from Howard University revoked. University officials said that the domestic violence in the video shown last month was simply “incompatible” with the “core values and beliefs” of the university. They further suggested he wasn’t “worthy” of an honorary degree.

Combs was also in negotiations for a reality-television style show with the digital platform Hulu. The show was scrapped back in December after multiple people filed lawsuits against him, alleging assault.

The March raid by Homeland Security and FBI officials were reportedly part of a larger investigation. Combs has not been charged with any crimes at present, but is engaged in multiple civil suits with victims who accuse him of various violations and work-related harassment. He’s also accused of trafficking a minor.

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