Sharpton Calls the Border Crisis an Invasion

( – MSNBC host Al Sharpton called the ongoing crisis at the southern border an “invasion” on Monday, February 5, when asking why some GOP senators did not support the new immigration reform bill. Sharpton using the word “invasion” has caused a lot of controversy among liberals.

The Senate immigration bill has been hailed by President Biden and lawmakers from both major parties as a bipartisan effort to enhance border security, although it has faced opposition from Republicans who argue its simply not enough. They emphasize that Biden already possesses the authority to address border issues without needing any new laws. A key point of contention for critics is the inclusion of initiatives that only close the border if a certain number of illegal migrants cross the border, and not closing it as a whole.

While several Democrats support the bill, Democratic Senator Alex Padilla has publicly criticized it, describing it as nothing new, and indicated it seems more like a Trump-style legislation than one passed by Biden.

During a conversation with Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy, one of the bills creators, on “Morning Joe,” Sharpton pressed for strategies to mobilize public support for the bill, expressing urgency and saying there is outrage across the US because of the border crisis. He attributed responsibility of the border issues to senators not endorsing the bill, framing them as the people who are allowing the border crisis to continue.

After briefly discussing giving funds to Israel and Gaza, Sharpton revisited the border issue, calling the migrant situation an “invasion.” The term, as aforementioned, caused a lot of controversy, especially because of recent state to government issues, such as Texas’ opposition to the federal government because of the crisis, using the constitution to describe the crisis as an invasion as well.

Sharpton questioned the political timing and urged for public pressure on Senators to address the border situation.

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