Singer Sparks Controversy Over Biden Assassination Comments

( – Florida-born singer Ethel Cain, 26, is known for her unique blend of rock, folk, and gothic elements in her music. She’s now getting some attention for her controversial political comments suggesting that assassination of political leaders like President Joe Biden should be on the table. One wonders if the Secret Service will be paying her a visit.

Cain took to Instagram to lambast Biden’s plan to release more than $1 billion in weapons, equipment, and ammunition to Israel to aid its ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza. Biden had previously paused the shipment of certain heavy bombs due to concerns that they could be used for Israel’s assault on Rafah, which the U.S. had condemned due to a lack of specific plans to cope with the civilian presence or long term plans regarding what happens after the current conflict.

The deal includes hundreds of millions in ammunition and armored vehicles, a huge boon to U.S.-based weapons manufacturers. Congress has final approval, but it will almost certainly pass due to broad bi-partisan support for war efforts overseas and the resultant domestic profits. Those same profits help boost stock portfolios of major players like former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but anyone with stock in Raytheon, Boeing, or General Dynamics will benefit.

Cain’s popularity is a recent phenomenon after her 2022 release of Preacher’s Daughter. Recently a series of Instagram stories by Cain highlighted the $1 billion shipment for Israel followed by her suggestion we “bring back assassinations.” Her next post was a black square on which she tagged Joe Biden.

Cain has written about how she values life in other posts and added the suggestion that life is difficult enough as it is, humans shouldn’t be making things more miserable. She also highlighted the impact of constant propaganda leading to apathy while suggesting individuals have the power to make small differences in their own lives.

Cain had previously criticized former President Barack Obama when he used her song “American Teenager” during an expose regarding American culture. The song itself is a damning indictment of war and U.S. politics, which she found a little odd being highlighted by a former president.

Cain received praise and critique for her controversial comments in responses on X. Some commenters suggested she was brave for speaking out while others suggested condoning violence isn’t the answer.

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