Six Missing after Following Social Media Prophet

( – In a perplexing case that has gripped Berkeley Police Department in Missouri since August, a group of 6 people, including 2 toddlers, mysteriously disappeared. Intriguingly, all adults were devout followers of Rashad Jamal, a self-styled “prophet” and rapper with a substantial online presence.

The group, consisting of Mikayla Thompson, Naman Williams, Gerrielle German, Makayla Wickerson, and their respective young children, Ashton Williams and Malaiyah Wickerson, was last spotted on August 13, 2023, at a Quality Inn Hotel in Florissant, Missouri. They had briefly resided together in a St. Louis residence before their sudden disappearance.

Authorities said that the missing adults had become trapped in a sort of spiritual cult led by Jamal, who, despite a significant online following, recently received an 18-year prison sentence for multiple offenses in Georgia. The Berkeley Police expressed deep concern, stating that all the people involved with the cult have largely distanced themselves from their loved ones which the families find disturbing.

Major Steve Runge of the Berkeley Police elaborated on the weird behaviors observed by neighbors prior to the disappearance. He remarked that they were partaking in strange rituals in the backyard, including worshipping the sun and digging holes into the ground. Major Runge further disclosed that the people in the cult adopted aliases inspired by deities, a prevalent practice among Jamal’s followers.

Under the influence of Jamal’s teachings, the group embraced radical beliefs, including polygamy and anti-government sentiments. Jamal’s online group, known as The University of Cosmic Intelligence, advocates for the spiritual enlightenment of Black and Latino communities. In a video, Jamal proclaimed that he is their “God”, and that he represents them both physically and spiritually.

The authorities continue their intensive investigation, struggling with the challenge of locating the missing people while also delving deeper into the weirdness of the cult led by Jamal.

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