Speaker Johnson Calls For Biden’s Removal

(IntegrityPress.org) – House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) suggested the U.S. is in a “very dangerous” spot due to President Joe Biden’s failing mental health and incompetence. Johnson highlighted Biden’s recent debate performance as indicative that the man is incapable of faithfully executing the functions of the highest office in the land. Democrats excused Biden by suggesting he doesn’t perform as well as he used to during debates and alternatively are panicking that Biden can’t win the election.

Nearly every time he opens his mouth his misspeaks which is later corrected by White House staffers. Some of his speeches and written transcripts published later often feature mistake-free, corrected versions making it appear as if Biden had not stumbled over his words or misspoke at all. Just recently he told radio listeners that he was the first president to win the state of Delaware as a kid. Interpret that how you will.

Johnson told corporate press journalists that he would also be panicked if Trump performed as abysmally as Biden did. He suggested that Democrat leadership is aware that they “have a serious problem.”

Johnson clarified his remarks that Biden needs not only be removed from the ticket, he must be removed from office entirely, for the good of the country. He said that Biden appears to be incapable of fulfilling his constitutional obligations and should be removed by the 25th Amendment if he refuses to step down.

The 25th Amendment must be invoked by the vice president and calls on the cabinet to vote on whether or not Biden is competent. If they determine he is not, he’s immediately removed and the vice president takes over his role. If Biden objects, Congress then votes on the matter.

Johnson highlighted that America’s enemies could take advantage of Biden’s weakness since there’s no hiding it anymore. He added that he takes “no pleasure” in expressing these sentiments.

A new poll in the corporate press revealed that upwards of 60% of American voters believed Biden “probably” or “definitely” should be removed from the role.

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