Speaker Johnson Calls Out Biden For Going Easy On Hamas

(IntegrityPress.org) – House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) is taking President Joe Biden to task over his refusal to send heavy bombs to Israel. Biden also recently announced his intent to veto a bill that would compel the delivery of the weapons.

Johnson published a statement commenting on the issue where he accused Biden of “turning his back” to the Jewish state. Johnson additionally lobbed the accusation that Biden has aided Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. He also highlighted that Biden’s administration has allowed oil and ballistic missile sanctions to expire.

The House has produced a bill that would compel the shipment of weapons, which the White House has countered by suggesting that Congress is overreaching its authority as foreign policy almost completely left to the executive branch. The White House also suggested that the bill would hamper the executive’s ability to achieve foreign policy goals.

Johnson responded by suggesting that Biden failed to take “decisive action” regarding the planned Iranian attack on Israel last month. On the evening of April 13, Iran launched a salvo of ballistics and drones toward Israel. Many of the weapons failed upon launch, the remainder were largely intercepted by allied forces from the U.S., France, U.K., and others. A few were able to land and cause damage, including hitting a military base and community center which caused a handful of deaths and injuries. The attack was largely derided as a propaganda exercise after Israel assassinated Iranian officials by bombing a consulate in Syria. The Israelis accused those involved in weapons transfers to Hamas.

Speaker Johnson also asked Biden to “reverse course immediately” with regard to the weapons transfers.

Biden has had a rough ride handling the war in Gaza, his progressive base has been very upset with him over claims he’s enabling an Israeli genocide against the Palestinians. The term has been debated as inaccurate since the Israelis are not ethnically cleansing the territory in any way consistent with historical genocides. The territory has been leveled with tens of thousands reported dead and millions displaced, however. Republicans and conservatives have largely sided with Israel, suggesting it should have unwavering financial and military support from the U.S.

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