Steube Blames GOP Absence for Impeachment Failure

( – Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) claimed that Tuesday’s failed attempt to impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas would have succeeded had colleague Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) been present. Scalise was absent for a cancer treatment.

A dapper looking Steube in a purple suit speaking with Newsmax host Rob Schmitt said he anticipates the motion to impeach Mayorkas will pass a second vote. He indicated that one of the Republicans who voted against the impeachment changed his vote at the last minute so he could raise the issue for reconsideration.

Steube said that he anticipates the vote will pass when Scalise returns to Congress, despite three Republicans voting against impeachment. Schmitt commented that it’s astounding that there were Republicans who sided with Democrats on this issue, despite the border situation. Steube commented that the situation was incredibly “frustrating.”

Schmitt played a series of clips of Mayorkas claiming the border was secure, including testimony he gave under oath, which Steube characterized as bald-faced deception. He said the lies of this administration will be dutifully relayed by the corporate press which confuses the American public and that is intentional.

Steube also laughed off the idea that Republicans were to blame for the border situation due to lack of proper funding, which he called “an outright lie.”

Steube said his disappointment wasn’t with the House as a whole, it was with three Republicans who voted with Democrats.

Schmitt alleged that the left’s new tactic is sabotage, highlighting how they want to create as many problems as possible so their solutions will be incorporated and ultimately they want to turn these millions of illegals into voters. Schmitt compared Mayorkas to George-Soros-funded district attorneys who refuse to prosecute criminal offenders in major cities.

Schmitt called Mayorkas an agent of chaos and “open-border globalist” highlighting how he’s the exact opposite of who you would want guarding the border. Steube responded by pointing out Biden has all the authority he needs today to close the border, but is refusing because the goal is to get illegals into the country.

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