Steve Bannon Discuss Trump’s Revenge

( – Embattled podcaster and former Trump administration official Steve Bannon defended remarks he made as well as qualified remarks made by the former president regarding a campaign of retribution that may follow if Trump wins reelection in November. In an appearance on corporate television, Bannon was asked about what form the “retribution” would take.

Bannon responded by echoing comments by Trump which suggested the best revenge is success. Trump has also promised investigations into prosecutions at the DOJ as well as the FBI which many conservatives argue were politically partisan. Bannon said he was in favor of the investigations and suggested that potential former Trump officials who sabotaged or otherwise interfered with Trump’s policies or orders should have nothing to fear if they did so in good faith without malice.

Trump reiterated during the first presidential debate that his revenge will be success for America and all its people. He suggested the country has become “a failed nation” under Biden’s administration.

Bannon added that any investigations will be legitimate with an eye for achieving justice, exposing potential criminal wrongdoing, and if there are crimes exposed, Trump’s DOJ would prosecute them accordingly.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung told the corporate press that nothing is decided at this point, but he believes Trump will order investigations into the FBI and Biden’s Department of Justice as well as officials like retired General Mark Milley and former Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

Conservatives and Trump supporters have largely decried the prosecutions against Trump by the DOJ as political in nature, designed to abrogate his 2024 reelection campaign by miring him in legal fees and bad press. A new favorite talking point from the left is to refer to Trump as “a convicted felon” after his conviction in the New York campaign finance case. The conviction hasn’t harmed Trump’s polling, and in fact the Trump campaign has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for its war chest since.

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