Strict Immigration Policy Forces Illegals From Florida

( – A new, controversial law has been implemented in Florida, starting on Saturday, July 1, that no longer acknowledges driver’s licenses issued to undocumented immigrants from other states. The law also includes provisions aimed at verifying employees’ citizenship.

This law is part of a comprehensive immigration bill signed by governor of Florida and 2024 hopeful Ron Desantis. Its implementation has led to an exodus of individuals, mostly illegals, from the state. Protests by immigrant workers have taken place in anticipation of the new law, with participants representing various industries such as tourism, hospitality, and agriculture.

Yvette Cruz, representing the Farmworkers Association of Florida, has reported that people are already leaving the state. Migrant workers are reportedly abandoning fields and construction projects, indicating a potential trend as the law becomes fully effective.

The law also imposes severe penalties for hiring or transporting undocumented migrants, including potential consequences for family members. Hospitals that receive Medicaid funds are also required to inquire about patients’ immigration status.

Governor DeSantis argues that this legislation is necessary due to what he perceives as the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border.

During a recent campaign rally, DeSantis stated that this issue of illegal immigrants would not even be an issue currently if it wasn’t being facilitated by people within the US government, obviously referencing the current administration.

This sort of law regarding immigration is a good indicator of what a possible Desantis presidency might look like. It is no secret that Desantis and Trump, while not too fond of each other, are both very much against the idea of the integration of illegal immigrants who have been staying in the USA for a long period of time.

If he were to win the 2024 election, it would not be surprising to see these sorts of laws enacted on an entirely federal level, resulting in what would be probably mass deportations of thousands and thousands of people.

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