Subversion or Support: Dem Donors Backing Haley

( – In a recent interview on Twitter, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy criticized GOP candidate Nikki Haley, accusing her of advocating war-mongering positions and portraying her as a “puppet” of the current Democrat-run government in Washington DC.

During the conversation, Carlson expressed strong opposition to Haley’s stance on Ukraine and Israel, claiming she mirrors Democratic donors in her unwavering support for these countries in their conflicts. He suggested that Democratic mega-donors, disheartened by President Biden’s popularity drop in the polls, might be turning to Haley, considering her priorities align with theirs, especially in advocating for what he described as “endless neocon wars.”

Ramaswamy supported Carlson’s perspective, saying that the bipartisan support claimed by Haley is, in reality, a strategy employed by nonpartisan figures to influence, and subsequently, subvert the Republican Party. He implied that if a figure like Haley who appeals to both “right wing” voters but has more “liberal” geopolitical takes can be put into office by way of massive donations from Democrats. Once she is in office, she becomes fully subervted and drops all effort to appeal to GOP voters. He argued that these people who are donating, primarily from the Bush-Cheney era, view Haley as a convenient puppet within the Republican Party to get rid of the influence of Donald Trump. Ramaswamy also highlighted the shared priorities between the donors and Haley, including sustaining the foreign war machine and maintaining the administrative state’s control.

Despite recent popularity in the polls, Haley has faced criticism from Ramaswamy for her consistent support for Ukraine and Israel, distinguishing her from other GOP candidates with more isolationist foreign policy views. The criticism comes amid a surge in Haley’s national GOP primary poll numbers, surpassing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis but still trailing behind former President Trump, even with his numerous legal issues.

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