Super Qualified Job Seekers Might Be In For Rude Surprise

Unemployment is Down, Jobs Are Up, But Well Qualified Candidates Still Can't Find Work

Unemployment is Down, Jobs Are Up, But Well Qualified Candidates Still Can’t Find Work

( – Unemployment is at its lowest point in 50 years. Not only that, but there are two jobs available for every unemployed person. How is it, then, that there are any open jobs at all? According to an experiment by a group of young interns from, it’s not their qualifications but a lack of experience.

On November 2, the website posted the experiment’s results, which revealed some disturbing statistics. The four interns submitted over 300 applications online for jobs advertised on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Yet, the youngsters, recent college graduates with an impressive array of degrees and accomplishments, got absolutely no response from 90% of the submissions.

Those who responded did so only to tell them the position was filled. Only five percent of all applications garnered interest from employers, with two percent resulting in interviews. The group didn’t receive a single job offer.

The study ultimately found that those willing to work in an office as opposed to remotely are more likely to find a job. As for recent graduates, experience is the biggest hurdle to overcome. The report found that many of the “entry-level” jobs out there, that the interns were more than qualified to perform, required years of experience that people just starting their careers simply don’t have.

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