Taiwan’s Stability is Key to Japan’s Stability

Instability: in the market, business, finances, etc, this can be symbolic of them all.

(IntegrityPress.org) – The Japanese ambassador to Canada issued serious remarks regarding the security of Taiwan suggesting that Chinese military aggression against the small independent island nation could destabilize the region.

Ambassador Kanji Yamanouchi spoke before a gathering of the Canadian People’s Republic of China Relationship Commons committee (CACN) before audiences gathered on February 12. Yamanouchi suggested that the Taiwan Strait was important to Japan as well as the entire international community and that any violent disruption would harm all parties.

Yamanouchi said that Japan’s official position is that the issue should be resolved over time through dialogue between the states. China considers Taiwan its territory and has been engaged in increasing military action in the region, including threatening behavior. He further added that Japan is focused on maintaining safety and economic prosperity for all involved by maintaining peace.

Yamanouchi also suggested that there should be increased cooperative military exercises between Japan and Canada. He added that Japan was planning to increase its military spending to 2% of GDP by FY2027 which would double the amount of money the small nation currently spends on its military. He added that the Japanese public is in favor of the additional military investments due to the complex nature of security in the region.

When asked by a liberal MP about China’s influence, Yamanouchi replied that it was obvious China was attempting to “change the status quo by force.” He highlighted recent incidents where China’s Navy and coast guard harassed government and independent commercial vessels.

Yamanouchi also drew attention to recent military exercises between China and Russia while suggesting the behavior betrayed the “critical importance” of ensuring peace in the region. He suggested that Canada-Japan joint cooperation would help prevent future conflicts by demonstrating their collaboration.

Yamanouchi lastly drew attention to exercises beginning in the Arctic which has become a region of interest for both Japan and Canada while stressing the need for international cooperation to maintain peace and stability.

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