Tesla Threatens Owner If He Tries To Sell Cyber Truck

(IntegrityPress.org) – A Utah man has been told by Tesla that he must keep a car he no longer wants or face a $50,000 fine.

While on vacation with his wife in Bali, Blaine Raddon decided to place an order for a brand-new Tesla Cybertruck. He was familiar with the Tesla brand of vehicles, having owned three of them beforehand, and did not anticipate that he would end up desperate to get rid of the new truck within weeks of picking it up.

Not long after receiving his Cybertruck, however, Raddon and his wife split. Raddon left their single-family house with its generous garage and signed a lease for an apartment. His new apartment came with its own parking space which he quickly realized was too small for his new vehicle. The Tesla Cybertruck is larger than most cars, standing at nearly 18 feet in length and 8 feet in width. Raddon found that he needed to execute a multi-point turn to get his vehicle into the space and was left without the necessary room to open his door and step out of the vehicle.

When Raddon purchased the Cybertruck, however, he signed a contract that prohibited him from selling the car within a year of purchase. Should he sell it, Tesla retains the right to charge him a fee of $50,000 or the car’s value, whichever was greater. The contract also specifies that he would be banned from purchasing any Tesla vehicles in future.

This left Raddon with the option of asking the Tesla dealership in Salt Lake City to buy the car back from him. The manager refused to do so at first, although he did explain that he would need to seek permission from Tesla to buy the car back. He said that if Raddon’s circumstances had changed severely and unexpectedly, Tesla may grant permission. Raddon replied with full details of his split and his unplanned move to an apartment and has been left waiting for an updated response. If Tesla does give permission to the dealership to buy the car back, Raddon will be at a deficit, as the manufacturer will dock 25 cents per mile driven by Raddon in the car as well as any reasonable costs for wear and tear.

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