Texas Criminal Recaptured After Jailbreak

(IntegrityPress.org) – A Texas inmate escaped from an Angleton prison, only to be recaptured the following day. Kidanny Robles is said to have simply walked out of the Clemens Unit trusty camp some time on between Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23. The 33-year-old’s absence was detected during a routine headcount at around midnight on the Sunday, resulting in a manhunt.

Robles, 33, was serving a 20-year sentence for aggravated robbery, burglary, and robbery, as well as being scheduled to serve an additional 180-day sentence for possession of a controlled substance. Despite the severity of his crimes and prison term, he had been placed in a “trusty camp”. This camp serves as a low-security unit for prisoners deemed capable of serving their sentence with lighter supervision.

Robles is reported to have taken advantage of the lower levels of security and left the camp on foot. He was found just three miles away from the unit about ten hours after the launch of the manhunt. Robles was re-captured at approximately 10am on Sunday after being discovered hiding in an empty guest house a few miles away. A young family was in residence in the main house. Law enforcement officers tried to apprehend him, but he refused to hand himself over. His escape attempt was brought to a close after one officer shot him in the arm before placing him under arrest.

Robles’ short-lived flight from the camp marks the third escape by an inmate from the Clemens prison facility in just eight months. In October 2023, Cadarian Avery made a similar escape attempt on foot from the second Clemens trusty camp. Two months later, Robert Yancy Jr., a convicted child sex offender, fled the higher-security Clemens prison unit. Yancy is understood to have had help from his mother, a former guard for the facility, and her boyfriend. Both Avery and Yancy were caught and returned to prison within 24 hours, and Yancy’s would-be helpers were charged for their efforts.

Robles, who was predicted to be released in 2031, now faces additional felony charges for his escape attempt.

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