Trudeau Blames America for His Inability to Get a Vote Through

( – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused his conservative political adversary, Pierre Poilievre, of abandoning Ukraine due to the influence of MAGA ideology. Trudeau made the remarks in response to all 109 Conservative legislators blocking the updated legislation for the Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement earlier this week.

On November 24, Trudeau strongly asserted that the Conservative Party’s refusal to support Ukraine was rooted in the rise of right-wing American MAGA-influenced thinking, which has caused a shift in the party’s stance on Ukraine.

Trudeau highlighted the absurdity of the Conservative Party’s decision, asserting that the Canadian Conservatives, once staunch supporters of Ukraine, were now turning their backs on a country in need due to the influence of the American MAGA movement.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, currently leading in polls, clarified that his party’s opposition was based on the inclusion of a carbon tax in the trade bill. Despite the bill merely promoting carbon pricing without enforcing it, Poilievre argued against Trudeau’s attempt to incorporate a carbon tax into an existing agreement.

Trudeau expressed concern over the Conservative Party’s departure from historical support for friends, allies, and the international rules-based order. He accused them of abandoning the UN charter on territorial integrity. A spokesman for Poilievre did not respond to queries about whether he was taking cues from Trump.

Canada, hosting the second-largest Ukrainian expatriate community, witnessed disappointment from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress regarding the Conservative vote against the trade agreement. Opinion polls suggest that Poilievre could defeat Trudeau and secure a majority if elections were held today.

Trudeau’s accusation against the American right wing is not unprecedented, as he has previously attributed issues in Canada to the weaponization of LGBTQ rights by the American right wing. Trudeau made this assertion after protests by Muslim parents in Ottawa against LGBTQ education in schools. The Prime Minister attributed the agitation to social media influencers fueled by the American right wing.

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