Trump Jr. Warns Against Dangerous VP Pick

( – Independent commentators have wondered whether or not Donald Trump will pick a female as his running mate going into the 2024 election. Trump has historically had trouble winning over the hearts and minds of female voters: in the 2016 and 2020 elections he took approximately 41% and 43% of the national female vote, respectively. This would suggest that adding a woman on the ticket may help improve his odds.

Recently, a rumor began via CBS News that the Trump campaign was considering Nikki Haley for the Vice President slot after she gained a crucial endorsement from the Koch-owned Americans for Prosperity and challenged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for 2nd place in a recent New Hampshire poll by Rasmussen.

Speaking with Newsmax, Donald Trump Jr. reported his opposition toward Haley’s inclusion due to her globalist tendencies and past warmongering. Trump Jr. gave the remarks in a discussion with Eric Bolling on December 26th, marking the second time he’s blasted the rumor as untrue and unlikely.

Trump Jr. further argued he’d “go to great lengths” to keep her off the ticket. He quickly rattled off a list of reasons she doesn’t work including being a puppet of the D.C. establishment and her desire for “never-ending war.” Referencing the Koch endorsement, he added that she was a favorite of the billionaire class who would prefer someone in the slot they could control.

The sentiments echoed an exclusive interview he gave with Breitbart News on December 9th. In that discussion, Trump Jr. pointed out that Vivek Ramaswamy destroyed Nikki Haley’s chances during a recent GOP primary debate. He added that Haley was basically a puppet of the Republican establishment that doesn’t represent the interests of the conservative American base.

Trump Jr. isn’t the only close Trump ally who opposes Haley’s addition to the ticket, former Fox primetime host and now independent journalist Tucker Carlson said he would “advocate against it as strongly as I could,” speaking with Tim Pool on his podcast, “Timcast IRL.” Carlson further lambasted Haley as someone who’s opposed to American interests, endorsed the 2020 BLM riots, and called her a nihilistic neoliberal “creature of the oligarchs.”

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