Trump On Launching Nukes: ‘We Won’t Be Second’

( – A recently released memoir from the former governor of Puerto Rico is once again highlighting controversial comments from former President Donald Trump. Then-Gov. Ricardo Ricardo Rosselló wrote that Trump suggested the United States would be the first to launch nuclear weapons, if the circumstances required it.

Rosselló recalled Trump’s visit after Hurricane Maria wiped out the island’s infrastructure and killed an estimated 3000 people. The pair were touring the damage when Trump suggested nature repairs itself over time. He then mentioned the possibility of nuclear war and how nature might not recover.

He then paused and made a dramatic implication, suggesting to Rosselló that if there was a nuclear war the United States would be the first to launch its weapons. Rosselló said he was “floored,” called the comments “surreal” and added that he couldn’t believe Trump was being serious. Trump is known for making outrageous statements, so it’s not possible to know if he was serious or merely showing some bravado.

Democrats and other Trump critics frequently suggested Trump was too unstable to control when and how the U.S. launches nuclear weapons. Trump also highlighted the potential for nuclear war with Russia over the ongoing war in Ukraine and pointed out that President Joe Biden has presided over the outbreak of two wars, including the war in Gaza.

Trump spokesman Steven Cheung said Trump “abhors” the potential for nuclear war and reminded the corporate press that Trump’s presidency was unprecedented in terms of how peaceful the world was. Cheung highlighted peaceful relations with North Korea which halted its nuclear and ballistic weapons testing and how shortly after Biden came into office those tests resumed, potentially destabilizing south east Asia.

Cheung also highlighted UN Security Council sanctions against Iran which had made the country “weak and broke.” He suggested that Biden’s policy changes “enriched them.” He concluded by saying one of the biggest priorities of a future Trump administration would be pulling the world back towards peace and stability and away from international war and conflict.

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