Trump Praised For NATO Influence

( – Former President Donald Trump got credit from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for his administration’s work getting member countries to kick in their fair share of the funding for the organization.

In an appearance on corporate televised press, Stoltenberg was advocating for continued support for Ukraine despite lagging popularity with American voters during an election year. He highlighted that Russian aggression in the region was one contributing factor, but that Trump’s insistence members pay their dues to the organization was another large driver of funds into NATO coffers.

Stoltenberg said that during Trump’s administration they worked well together and were aligned when it came to member nations in Europe coughing up their dues. During prior administrations many countries were behind on their bills while the U.S. was contributing the vast majority of resources.

Stoltenberg added that there’s been “a significant increase” in European member states’ contributions over the last few years, but that some countries still aren’t quite paying what they owe on time. He suggested that those that aren’t should hit targets “within a few years.”

Additionally concerning was the development of tight relationships between Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. He suggested “consequences” for the Chinese communists due to their support of the Russian military and its campaign in Ukraine.

Stoltenberg suggested that a victory in Ukraine for Russia would be a win for all those countries which will help them with propaganda at home. He said that the Chinese want to “have it both ways” by being able to have normal trade relations with Europe while also supporting a war in the region. That’s unacceptable and European allies should “look into consequences” for China’s aid to Russia, according to Stoltenberg.

The war in Ukraine isn’t going well as Kyiv has lost major ground recently and is desperate for ammunition for its long ranged artillery. North Korea was recently accused of sending thousands of containers to Russia which observers believed was a shipment of ammunition.

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