Trump Sets Record Straight On Birth Control Stance

( – Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has clarified his stance on contraception after critics accused him of seeking to ban various forms of birth control.

While being interviewed about his stance on birth control, including the morning-after pill, Trump kept his cards close to his chest. He told the interviewer that he was going to create a policy on contraception in the near future and emphasized his support for states creating their own legislation on such matters. He did not endorse any ban on contraceptives. However, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign declared on Tuesday May 21 that Trump wanted to restrict access to contraception. Sarafina Chitika claimed that women in the U.S. are living in a “post-Roe nightmare” and that Trump was desperate to “rip away women’s freedoms”.

Trump has previously claimed credit for the Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade ruling as referred to by Chitika, which placed control over abortion legislation more firmly into states’ hands. Following the accusations that he wanted to ban contraceptives, Trump reiterated his support for states’ rights. He took to social media to blast the “Democrat fabricated lie” being spread about him and to confirm that he did not support a ban on contraception. He added that the Republican party also would not support such a ban.

While Trump did say that states should have the final say on contraception and abortion, he stated that he believed that there should always be legal abortions in cases of incest, rape, or when the mother’s life would be put in danger by continuing the pregnancy. He has also recently spoken of his support for IVF, saying that it should be viewed as part of a pro-family stance. He argued that the GOP should always “be on the side of the miracle of life”, which should include allowing prospective parents to use IVF in order to have children.

Abortion has become a key issue for voters, particularly those on the left. One recent poll found that nearly a quarter of Democrat voters believed it was the most important issue for the upcoming election, compared to just 9% of Republicans. Pres. Biden and his campaign team have been keen to use fears around abortion and contraceptives as a key tactic to win over voters.

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