Trump Vows To Release Jailed Pro-Lifers If Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump promised to free nine pro-lifers who were arrested and charged by the Biden administration for their part in a peaceful pro-life rescue at an abortion clinic in Washington, D.C. known for performing late term abortions. The so-called “D.C. Nine” were arrested in October 2020 and convicted the following month of violating the FACE act (Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances) and the nebulous charge of engaging in a “conspiracy against rights.”

Pro-lifers believe all children have a right to life, including those yet to be born. Naturally that would lead them to protest the execution of the most vulnerable among us: unborn babies. Their protest in October was completely peaceful, if inconvenient for staff and patients who were ready to terminate pregnancies.

During his speech at the 2024 Road to Majority conference, Trump spoke alongside VP hopefuls Tulsi Gabbard, Ben Carson, and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and promised to free convicted political prisoners of the Biden regime on his “first day.” Trump specifically highlighted the case of Paulette Harlow. Harlow is a 75-year-old woman with multiple health conditions and she was sentenced to two years behind bars for her role in the rescue.

Trump also promised to review all potentially political cases prosecuted under the Biden administration as well as establish a task force that would investigate crimes against Christians and other people of faith.

Trump also reiterated his official position on abortion: he considers it a states’ rights issue and highlighted how politicians must get elected. Abortions are still largely viewed as a “women’s rights” issue while pro-lifers consider it a child’s rights issue. The conference itself focused on increasing the popularity of the pro-life position such that the cultural attitude itself can change nationwide.

It’s been said that politics is downstream from culture, and as such any major change to the law has to grow out of an organic evolution of thoughts on the issue amongst the nation’s populace.

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