Trump Wants SCOTUS to Overrule Colorado Courts

( -Trump’s legal team is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to keep his name on the Colorado GOP primary ballot after the state Supreme court issued an incredibly controversial ruling to remove him from the contest. Without a conviction in any criminal court, four Colorado justices declared Trump guilty of participating in an ‘insurrection’ on January 6th and ruled he is ineligible to run according to the 14th Amendment.

Trump’s lawyers argued in a filing to the SCOTUS that the Colorado decision marks the first time in U.S. history that a court was attempting to block a leading presidential candidate from appearing on a ballot. The appeal to the SCOTUS adds pressure to the high court to weigh in.

Trump’s eligibility has come under fire from Democrats and their allies around the nation and in the media after repeating their favorite line that January 6th represented an attempted coup by Trump allies when that’s simply not the case.

If anything, the violence at the Capitol has increasingly come under scrutiny by observers, with whistleblowers suggesting the FBI and other federal agencies encouraged or outright orchestrated the violence so that they could then blame it on Trump and his supporters.

Maine’s Secretary of State unilaterally decided that the Colorado decision was enough to remove Trump’s name from the GOP primary ballot in her state as well.

Critics of the Colorado decision have pointed out that the justices were heavily divided in the 4:3 ruling and that all of its 7-member panel had been appointed by Democrats. Critics cite the scathing dissents of the three minority-opinion justices who challenged the constitutional authority of the ruling based on the lack of a conviction and making the ruling an obvious violation of Trump’s right to due process.

Trump’s lawyers wrote that the decision unconstitutionally disenfranchises millions of Colorado voters and would be used as a template to avoid a Trump victory in November. They highlight how Maine has already used it to remove Trump from the ballot in that state, suggesting that if it’s allowed to stand the pattern would repeat in other left-leaning states.

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