Tucker Carlson Talks about USA and “The Invasion”

(IntegrityPress.org) – A recent short video from Tucker Carlson published exclusively on X gives a five-minute run-down on the invasion happening across America by individuals who entered the country illegally by coming over the southern border.

Carlson begins by giving the broad understanding that history is riddled with countries being invaded and taken over by foreign groups of people. America itself was founded on the idea that North America belonged to civilized people who came from Europe, displacing the native populations of warring tribes.

Carlson warned that another invasion is ongoing right now, and many Americans are being displaced while their country and tax dollars are consumed by millions of illegal invaders. Carlson suggested that the America we all grew up in is coming to an end, and its end is being intentionally brought about by the Democratic Party and its adherents who advance the lawless inundation of illegals, importing them at rates that exceed the national birth rate.

Carlson highlighted a clip of Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson who explained how not-only will Chicago be destroyed by a lack of federal action addressing the invasion crisis, but the rest of the country will follow. He showed footage from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport where hordes of illegals were being housed in a shadow terminal behind large black curtains. They even hired private security to dissuade anyone from investigating.

Carlson relayed that the rent-a-cops had no authority, and so they bypassed them and found over a hundred beds and as many illegals living in squalor. The stench in the area was described as repulsive, and Carlson added that the entire venture was being supported by taxpayer dollars.

Carlson also featured footage showing that police stations in Chicago had similarly been temporarily repurposed into refugee camps, with many sleeping on floors, piled close together in waiting areas.

Carlson’s team showed footage from NYC and Houston that betrayed similar operations in action, suggesting that the plan to relocate and import illegals is vast and widespread.

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