Ukraine Presses U.S. To Lift Ban On Air Strikes

( – Five members of the Ukrainian parliament have flown to Washington to request the U.S. lift the ban on Ukraine launching attacks against targets within Russia’s borders.

David Arahamiya, leader of the delegation, described the policy as “insane” and explained that Ukrainian authorities were under immense pressure from military leaders to get permission to strike at Russia. He compared it to the state of Virginia launching an assault on Washington D.C., but Washington D.C. being forbidden from striking Virginia.

While recently visiting Kyiv, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the Biden administration’s support for Ukraine and its “defense of its freedom” but stressed that the U.S. has been clear with regards to its strike policy. He added that Ukraine would need to focus on regaining its territory from Russia without striking at Russian land using American sourced weapons.

As the diplomatic arguments continue, Ukrainian forces have resorted to hitting Russia inside its own borders, but without American weapons. Despite the latest $61 billion support package from the U.S., Kyiv has only been able to attack Russian targets with cheaper drones sourced from elsewhere. Ukraine has repeatedly struck at Russian oil refineries and other such targets.

Ukrainian officials have also asked the Biden administration to assist in selecting Russian targets for Kyiv to aim at, albeit without using American weapons. The push to hit Russian targets comes as Russian forces have made significant territorial gains in the Kharkiv region in the northeast of the country, placing Ukrainian forces under increasing pressure to defend more and more territory.

According to Kyiv, the Russian gains might have been thwarted had the Ukrainian military been able to attack Russian targets in the lead up to the march on the Kharkiv area. Instead, Kyiv was forced to watch as tens of thousands of Russian troops gathered close to the border over the course of several weeks before launching a largely successful campaign.

While Pres. Biden shows no signs of shifting on this policy, British officials have agreed to rescind their equivalent policy. Ukrainian forces are now permitted to use British-supplied weapons to strike targets within Russian borders.

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