UPenn Students Not Happy with Magill’s Resignation

(IntegrityPress.org) – Jewish students attending the University of Pennsylvania were not satisfied with the resignations of President Liz Magill and Chairman Scott Bok. Junior Akiva Berkowitz speaking with USA Today said that they felt like they finished “one step,” but “the process” will continue. He further argued that more changes are necessary.

Sophomore Jack Cohen said he wasn’t “comfortable” at the school, despite the resignations. He said that “we want to see more change” and to feel supported by the administration. Students with the UPenn-approved club “Penn Students Against the Occupation” have engaged in protest events where they called for “intifada” or a violent rebellion to “avenge Gaza.”

A literature festival in September hosted speakers that engaged in antisemitic rhetoric, including one who called for “death to Israel.” There have been several marches across campus where students uttered chants critical of Israel or calling for violence. Thankfully no one has been injured.

A Jewish fraternity on campus had to see the phrase “Jews R Nazis” scrawled on an adjacent property until the graffiti was removed.

Berkowitz further suggested that he has not enjoyed the protests. While he wears a yarmulke on campus and has never been threatened personally he said the language deployed by some of the pro-Palestinian protesters was eerily disturbing.

Graduate student Megan Singleton highlighted on a swastika scrawled on campus wasn’t taken seriously and that their repeated complaints to administrators have fallen on deaf ears. Singleton added she was glad to see Magill resign.

Former president Magill was lit up light a Christmas tree after clips went viral during a discussion before Congress regarding the incidents when she suggested genocidal aspirations might not violate the school’s code of conduct.

Following her testimony, undergrads Jordan Davis and Eyal Yakoby filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the university, alleging seletive enforcement of the rules. The suit also alleges the school has hired “rabidly antisemitic professors.”

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