US Flag Replaced By Palestinian Flag At University

( – A protest at Harvard over the weekend resulted in the American flag being replaced by the Palestinian flag outside the University Hall, the primary administration building on campus. Staff eventually intervened on April 27 after the third Palestinian flag was deployed on the building.

The police were called in the evening. Protesters had draped the flags over a statue of John Harvard in the Yard and raised the flags on poles reserved for flags of the countries of visiting officials. Staff eventually removed the flags as the gathered shouted “Shame!” and chanted pro-Palestinian slogans.

Ironically famed Jewish lawyer and Harvard professor alum, Alan Dershowitz had years ago convinced Harvard authorities to then allow the Palestinian flag to be flown on campus despite Palestine not being a country. Dershowitz has made a career out of defending unpopular people or causes in the name of free speech. In 2007, he recalled his defense of multiple anti-Israeli speakers whom he defended on principle. At the time, he suggested many people who advocate for free speech in principle won’t do so in practice if the cause being advanced is unpopular or taboo.

Pro-Palestinian protesters and rioters have frequently denounced America and Israel. Arrests nationwide have skyrocketed to nearly 1,000 people since the first wave of arrests began on April 18 at Columbia.

Organizations have sponsored these events around the country, while outside agitators and celebrities have begun to use them to self-aggrandize and grandstand. Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein and two of her campaign staffers were arrested at a protest at Washington University on the evening of Saturday, April 27.

Stein was protesting with students and staff of the university when the group was ordered to disperse by officials and campus police. After some time 80 people were arrested, including Stein, who all had ample opportunity to disperse. Video of the arrest is available online.

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