US “Invasion” Poll Shows What Americans Expect


US “INVASION” Poll Released – Look What It Shows

( – The United States has faced several challenges over the last 30 months, including economic and social difficulties, environmental risks, and tensions among foreign adversaries. A recent YouGov poll asked Americans from across the political spectrum about their perception of the likelihood of “dire political scenarios” in the future, which produced some surprising results.

The study presented 15 possible future events, including how likely it would be for a major overseas power to invade America in the next 10 years. Thirty-one percent of respondents felt this was at least somewhat likely versus 48% who felt the scenario was unlikely.

The poll also presented six unique civil-war synopses; 30% of respondents believe war might break out between Americans of different income levels, while 28% think racial divides might cause the next civil war. In regards to those two scenarios, 52% and 53%, respectively, felt they were unlikely. YouGov noted that changing the hypothetical time frame from 10 years to 50 years didn’t cause a major difference in the resulting opinions for any of the proposed events.

There was some partisan division in answers; on the whole, Republicans were more likely to hold negative views about the future than Democrats in almost every context.

YouGov surveyed 1000 people over four days beginning September 1, 2022. Surveyors selected participants from a pool to statistically represent the US based on a 2018 Census survey and election data from 2016 and 2020 with an estimated 3% margin of error.

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