US Nurse Reportedly Kidnapped in Haiti

( – Last week two American citizens, nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her child, were kidnapped in Haiti. Dorsainvil works as a nurse for the group “El Roi Haiti”, and is married to the founder, Sandro Dorsainvil, who is a native of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. Their group stated on their website on Saturday, July 29, that Alix and her child had gone missing. Their last known location was near the group’s headquarters in the capital.

El Roi Haiti operates schools for Haitian children, ranging from Kindergarten through High School, and offers many programs for underprivileged students including education for adults, and Christian missionary training.

Alix, originally from New Hampshire, was living in Haiti because she and her husband were running the group. She is known to be very fond of the Haitian people and even stated on a video posted to the group’s website that they are “joyful” people and that she is “blessed” to be surrounded by them.

The group has said they are working hard to locate and return Alix and her child to safety. They added that they greatly appreciate all the love, care, and support given to them during this tragedy.

Although Haiti has not always been the safest country, lately, the violence has taken a turn for the worse. Rival gangs control huge parts of the country, including the capital, increasing the amount of violence seen in the streets. Murder and kidnapping especially have seen huge surges, with 75 people confirmed killed and 40 kidnapped between May and July, according to the National Human Rights Defense Network.

In 2021, the then-president of Haiti was assassinated, leading to power struggles within the country. The state of the country has only spiralled downwards since.

The US state department is aware of the kidnapping and said that they take threats to US nationals very seriously, and that they are constantly in contact with authorities in Haiti.

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