US Senator Predicts ASSASSINATION – Not A Joke!

US Senator Says a Lawmaker Will Likely Be Murdered as Tensions Rise

US Senator Says a Lawmaker Will Likely Be Murdered as Tensions Rise

( – Politicians’ jobs have become increasingly dangerous, with threats against lawmakers becoming far too commonplace. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) recently voiced fears that, as tensions rise leading up to the 2022 and 2024 elections, violence against government officials could escalate. The problem is so bad, according to the senator, a hateful constituent is likely to kill someone currently in office.

Collins sees a dangerous, slippery slope ahead for lawmakers of all backgrounds and political affiliations. The New York Times reported the escalation has been a terrifying reality that only appears to be worsening. Threats of violence against Congress members are 10 times more prevalent now than they were in 2016, affecting 9,625 lawmakers last year. If trends continue, increased numbers of politicians could see targets on their backs, and the acts against them could become more horrific.

Lawmakers with foreign ethnic backgrounds have apparently felt the most threatened, each having spent an average of $17,500 more on security than their white counterparts since last year. Yet, with so many hot-item topics recently up for debate, no one has been immune to the effects. For example, Collins received a video of a human beheading in response to her support for confirming Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

According to a spokesperson for the Capitol Police Department, most offenders are mentally unstable individuals without any tangible means of following through with their warnings. Fewer than 100 have faced criminal charges over the last few years. Still, even a verbal attack can have lasting effects, especially in today’s world, where riots and mass shootings are real possibilities.

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