Varney Reacts to Allegations of Musk’s Drug Use

( – A new report from the Wall Street Journal is alleging that Elon Musk is a frequent drug user, leading some to question his judgment as the head of multiple companies valued in the trillions.

The report comes at a time when Musk is allowing X users to openly criticize the 2020 election and pandemic policies, including the safety of the experimental injections widely mandated by corporate and government actors, all key talking points the establishment suppressed during Twitter’s pre-Musk period.

It’s no wonder the establishment is now using the corporate media to attack his character with anonymous claims of drug use and inappropriate behavior. The WSJ report is the basis for a rundown by Stuart Varney of Fox Business’s “Varney & Co.”

Highlights from the piece suggest Musk has been to parties where non-disclosure agreements were signed by those in attendance and cell phones were strictly prohibited. His infamous marijuana puff with Joe Rogan also earned mention.

Varney then released a litany of questions implying Musk was on drugs when he decided to purchase Twitter. He also repeated a claim denied by Musk’s lawyer that he made a nonsensical speech to SpaceX employees.

Varney pointed out that Musk seems to think he can behave however he wants, perhaps referencing the recent “GFY” he gave to Bob Iger and other advertisers who were openly attempting to manipulate the rules on X by extorting him with their potential advertising revenue.

He echoed sentiments that SpaceX is a serious government contractor doing business with the federal government, and as such Musk’s drug use has to be considered. Musk’s lawyers responded suggesting that the WSJ  had multiple factual errors and outright lies in the piece and added that Musk is regularly and randomly drug tested at SpaceX and has never failed a single test.

The WSJ piece also highlights a handful of disgruntled former employees who similarly suggested Musk was unhinged.

Varney wrapped up his piece with suggestions that “Musk’s drug use” could impact the bottom line at any or all of his companies. He may have given away the purpose of the anonymously sourced WSJ story with that bit of analysis.

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