Violence Could SWEEP United States After This!

Experts Concerned About Political Violence Ahead of Midterm Elections

Experts Concerned About Political Violence Ahead of Midterm Elections

( – Politics certainly has its share of extreme beliefs. Unfortunately for some, those views become far too real, resulting in unspeakable violence. Some critics are pointing to the recent attack on Paul Pelosi as an example of how the continued political polarization of Americans might result in increased violence. The issue is so concerning that a host of federal law enforcement agencies sent out internal bulletins warning agents to be on the lookout for problems throughout the election season.

On October 29, NPR confirmed it obtained memos from the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, The US Capitol Police, and the National Counterterrorism Center outlining the possibility of increased violent attacks by political extremists. The notice didn’t specify any particular group or political party but instead outlined conditions that could lead to trouble. The agencies find particular concern with those who claim the American election system is “under attack.”

Therefore, analysts suggest the main threat may be from individuals who claimed fraud riddled the 2020 election. The bulletin does note that new theories of voting irregularities and potential election fraud have emerged during the run-up to the elections next Tuesday.

President Joe Biden denounced political violence in any form during a Pennsylvania rally, telling the audience, “enough is enough is enough.”

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