What Matthew Perry Really Wants You to Remember

(IntegrityPress.org) – Despite the fame and fortune afforded to Matthew Perry by his inclusion in the cast of Friends, the actor said he would prefer to be remembered for his work and advocacy in the addiction field. Until the now-deceased actor’s pending autopsy results are released, the public is in the dark about his recent demise.

Initial reports, which many would agree are often unreliable, suggest that the controlled variety of prescription pills were found in his residence shortly after his body was discovered. Some would say that even if a relapse did play a role in his death, his past willingness to speak candidly about his battle with chemical dependency should be commended.

The number of interviews in which Perry openly spoke of his demons is hard to gauge simply because he did it so often. During an interview last year, the Friends headliner said he wanted fans to remember him first and foremost because of his willingness to help fellow addicts.

At the time, Perry was promoting his recently-released memoir. The actor had acknowledged his struggles with dependency long before its release in any number of appearances, but the book provided readers with new clues as to how far over the edge addiction had taken him. At one point, he wrote, opiate use had caused his colon to burst.

Perry said doctors gave him a 98% chance of death after the incident. In addition to the risk of potential overdose, habitual opiate users also suffer from extreme constipation, as was the case with Perry. Though he is alive, Tom Arnold suffered a similar fate in 2010.

At one point, Perry set up a sober living facility in a Malibu beach house. The business venture eventually failed, but Perry was reported to have established smaller and less expensive operations in Southern California that are reportedly still operating.

His body was found on the 28th of October in his home’s hot tub.

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