Zombie Virus Believed to Be Defrosting Due to “Climate Change”

(IntegrityPress.org) – Despite the fact that around 50 years’ worth of climate change predictions have demonstrably failed to materialize, the Biden administration continues to push its green agenda. Many on the right argue that proponents of man-made climate change ideology are less interested in saving the planet and more interested in shutting down the fossil fuel industry.

Whether that is or is not the case, if the left’s past failed predictions are an indication of what’s to come, then most readers are not likely to worry about what they read here. Either way, science is science and the latest climate change story has arrived. In developments that many would liken to something from a Michael Crichton novel, scientists are warning that ancient pathogens could be inadvertently resurrected.

According to those in the know, permafrost in Siberia has begun to thaw. Experts are warning that ancient microbes that have been frozen for eons could suddenly be awakened as the ice melts. If that happens, it could have a “disastrous” pandemic-like effect on our species, they say.

Jean-Michel Claverie, a virologist who is studying the possibility, is cautioning the world about the potentiality. He says that global warming could have a domino-like effect, the end result of which would see ancient viruses unleashed across the planet. Claverie points out that Neanderthals would have been subject to any number of deadly diseases.

If a particular pathogen killed one of the early hominids in a cold environment, it would be entirely possible for their corpse to still harbor the remnants of what caused its death. According to one piece, researchers have already discovered verifiable viruses in the remains of mammoth hair, mummies and prehistoric dogs.

An example of once-frozen pathogens being awakened and going on to cause destruction can be found in a 2016 heat wave that hit Siberia. During the abnormal weather, anthrax spores became active and went on to kill entire herds of reindeer.

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