Don’t Ignore These Strange Symptoms

( – American actor James McCaffrey, recognized for his iconic voice role as Max Payne in the video games of the same name, has unfortunately died after a courageous battle with blood cancer, Myeloma, at the age of 65. He was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer originating from plasma cells in the bone marrow, which is the essential ‘spongy’ tissue found within bones.

Statistics from charitable organizations indicate an alarming prevalence of this type of cancer on average, with the UK witnessing approximately 6,000 new myeloma cases annually, while the US records exceed 35,000 diagnoses each year. To provide clarity on this condition, there are some lesser-known indicators of multiple myeloma.

At first, multiple myeloma may remain asymptomatic, something that is very challenging to navigate for cancer diagnoses. Medical professionals often suspect the disease only after detecting anomalies in blood or urine tests. As the condition progresses, it manifests through various symptoms, notably persistent bone pain characterized by dull aches in areas such as the back, ribs, or hips. This discomfort is due to an accumulation of plasma cells, potentially leading to bone damage and fractures, as highlighted by Cancer Research UK. In severe instances involving the spine, patients may experience sensations similar to when a limb falls asleep.

Additionally, individuals with multiple myeloma often report profound fatigue, weakness, and breathlessness. This exhaustion stems from lacking red blood cells, attributed to cancerous plasma cells that take over the bone marrow, which cancels out the production of ‘normal’ red blood cells. Also, persistent thirst and susceptibility to frequent viral or bacterial infections are also possible warning signs. The way the disease works is essentially to flood the body with the cancerous cells so that not only can the cancer spread, but the body will weaken. This will make infections more common, etc.

Although it is hard to detect, there are some ways to lessen the risk of this cancer, such as maintaining a healthy body weight and limiting exposure to toxins.

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