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UK Moves To Curb Wokeness In Schools

( - New draft guidance released May 16 from the United Kingdom’s Department of Education prohibits teachers from discussing “gender identity” with students. During lessons...

China, Russia Pledge To Lead World Against America

( - The current world order is seeing a massive shift as presidents of China and Russia vowed to increase their partnerships to enter...

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Righteous Reports from Integrity Press are in-depth stories that cover a range of issues that demand broader context in reporting. When there’s a story developing that has a broad background or a complex variety of issues, then you’ll see it here.

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Cops Now Using Drones To Fight Crime

( - Police and law enforcement around the world have begun to deploy drones and artificial intelligence to facilitate policing and apprehension of criminals....

Clinton Advisor Slams Biden’s Radical Leftism

( - Mark Penn, former advisor to Bill and Hillary Clinton, has published a scathing opinion piece on Pres. Joe Biden and his 2024...


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