How to Become More Involved on a Community Level

( – Everyone has the potential to substantially alter the outcome of an election or political campaign. In fact, you should make yourself heard if you have the drive, energy, and political interest. There’s a number of ways you can help improve your local community and engage with local civic leaders.

The simplest step is following your mayor, city council, police chief or sheriff’s office on social media. This will give you insight into what’s happening in your town or city as well as what local leaders are doing proactively or in response to a problem. You can leave comments online, but traditionally phone calls to an office are more likely to get your comment heard and recorded.

You’re registered to vote, aren’t you? Keep in mind that voting is tied to your residence and you should update your registration after you move.

If you feel confident and have relevant experience, you may consider running for an office. There’s plenty of room to get your feet wet, from city council positions to your local school board, so don’t be intimidated by a lack of political experience.

Another basic step anyone can take is attending local meetings. City council, school board, or focus groups are a great way to get involved and make yourself heard to local leaders. Many major cities have open public meetings with comment periods where speakers get a few minutes to elaborate on an issue of concern. Take full advantage of them.

You can volunteer or work as a poll worker as well. This will allow you to help other people make their voices heard and give you insight into the political process. Poll workers are also paid, so you’ll receive compensation for your time. It’s also a great way to get introduced to politics if you think you might want to run for a position in the future.

There are numerous national, state, and local organizations from across the political spectrum. Whether you’re an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment or you think abortion rights are fundamental, you can find an organization that agrees with you. Joining up will typically grant you a wider pool of resources and colleagues to help you.

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