Biden Caught Reading Instructions On Teleprompter Again

( – President Biden was foiled by the clever use of a teleprompter for a second time in the last two weeks. While giving a speech to an audience in North Carolina on Thursday, May 2 Biden spoke instructions that weren’t meant to be spoken. Biden was talking about “forever chemicals” which tend to remain stable in the environment over long periods of time. The chemicals are referred to as PFAS and Biden’s instructions read as “P dash FAS dash” which he spoke aloud. No one apparently noticed or reacted to the gaffe at the time.

Biden, 81, had previously spoken another instruction for him to “pause” after asking the audience for “four more years.” Biden’s gaffe was roundly mocked on social media only for him to repeat the performance. It wasn’t clear if the teleprompter or his written instructions were the issue. Biden was announcing a $3 billion federal investment to replace lead pipes in Wilmington, a contributor to health problems.

Biden’s previous gaffe was given during a speech for a trade union in D.C., Biden was reading off a teleprompter at the time. He suggested folks think about the possibility of “four more years, pause.” The audience then began to chant four more years, without missing a beat. It’s unclear if the pause was intended to give space for the chant to begin, which would suggest the chant was also scripted.

Biden’s recent willingness to read anything that appears on his prompts earned him a comparison to the fictional broadcaster Ron Burgundy from the comedy “Anchorman.” Burgundy was infamous for reading anything that was written on the teleprompter, with comedic results.

Biden’s presidency has been marred with endless gaffes, including nonsense words where the president seemingly mushed several words together. He’s also fallen several times, including a famous pratfall where he tripped going up the stairs to Air Force One.

Biden’s gaffes and falls have made the issue of his advanced age all the more apparent. Despite being the oldest president ever and oldest man to run for the office, Biden seems determined to continue. It’s been rumored that Jill Biden “likes power” and is the primary reason Joe Biden is still running.

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