Biden Criticizes Netanyahu’s Handling of War

( – President Joe Biden had harsh words for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the latter’s handling of the war against Hamas in response to the October 7 attacks. Biden said that Netanyahu was making “a mistake,” in comments given to Univision. He wanted Netanyahu to agree to a six or eight week ceasefire to allow “total access” for humanitarian aid to flood Gaza and prevent a looming starvation.

Biden told the Spanish language outlet that he thought Netanyahu was overly concerned about his political survival and not focused on the security of his people. Elaborating, he said that he did not agree with Netanyahu’s approach. The comments were given just two days following a strike on aid workers in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of 7 innocent people.

World Central Kitchen officials accused the Israeli military of targeting the aid workers intentionally. Israel has said it made “a grave mistake.” Earlier this month three vehicles marked with the WCK logo were systematically destroyed, one after another, over a 30-minute period. The attacks forced WCK to pause its aid mission delivering food to Gaza.

Biden said that it was “outrageous” that the WCK vehicles were destroyed by the Israelis. He added that he was calling for a cease-fire “for the next six, eight weeks,” which would facilitate “total access” for all food and medicine deliveries going into Gaza.

Biden’s comments aired just a few hours after Vice President Kamala Harris met with some of the families of the hostage victims being held in Gaza. The hostages have been captive since they were taken on October 7 last year.

Jonathan Dekel-Chen said “we need results,” and implied that it was time for their family members to come home. His son is currently being held hostage in Gaza. He also suggested that Netanyahu was less concerned about the release of hostages as he was being able to claim he defeated Hamas.

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