Odds of Johnson Being Ousted Continue to Rise

(IntegrityPress.org) – Reps. Thomas Massie (R-KY) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) are two of the only voices pushing back against Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) for his frequent willingness to give Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer (NY) everything he’s asked for. Johnson hoisted an international aid package and rammed it through the House on April 20 with help from the Democrats without getting any concessions on border security, a huge priority for Republicans.

Acolytes of the establishment on both sides of the isle celebrated the passage of the $95 billion aid bill by waving small Ukrainian flags on the floor of the House over the weekend. The move was largely decried on social media as continued funding of the Ukraine war isn’t popular with American voters.

A talking point attempting to paint detractors as allies of Russian President Vladimir Putin went out concurrently with Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post calling Greene “Moscow Marjorie.” The Post claimed that the nickname was being used by both establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Massie explained that we need a Speaker who is willing to negotiate with Schumer instead of giving him everything that he wants. In response to a long meandering question wherein the speaker implied that anyone in Johnson’s position must necessarily roll over for the Democrats, Massie said that the only way we advance conservative interests is by having a Speaker who Schumer can’t control.

Massie and Greene are two voices suggesting that it’s time to replace Johnson due to his willingness to concede to Democrat demands. Greene issued a motion to vacate which is the first step in that process some weeks back. Massie and Greene have suggested Johnson announce his resignation so that the Republican caucus can select a new Speaker without there being a gap or a change in party control of the House.

Establishment Republicans and the media have been reminding the public about the weeks-long fiasco replacing Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) last fall for much the same reason: McCarthy was accused of lying to his own party and making backdoor deals with Democrats.

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