Columbia U’s President Roasted For Soft Take On Terrorism

( – Columbia University President Dr. Nemat Shafik is getting a lot of flak over past comments she made regarding the causes of terrorist attacks. The 20-year-old clip resurfaced after Columbia has been the scene of daily protests over the Israel-Hamas war ongoing in Gaza.

Many students have been upset with Israel and are calling for a cease-fire. Israeli supporters claim they feel unsafe and have been threatened regarding their support for the Zionist state or their status as Jewish individuals.

The video in question was filmed shortly after the 9/11 attacks when Shafik was vice president of the World Bank. She was appearing with Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler for an episode of “Conversations with History.” She said that terrorism has a tendency to appear in countries that are ravaged by authoritarianism and economic depression.

She said that the problem with terrorism was the support given to the bad actors by locals who support their cause but disagree with their methods. She said that those people support the bad actors due to the prevailing economic conditions which aren’t working for them or their family.

A spokesman from the Columbia responded to a request for comment by Fox News saying that Shafik “condemns terrorism” and that to suggest otherwise was “a complete misrepresentation” of her remarks in the video as well as “dangerous.”

Shafik has been facing pressure to resign over outbursts of antisemitic sentiment on campus. The protests have gotten so bad that Columbia announced that ongoing classes will be remote only for the remainder of the semester.

Over 100 protesters were arrested recently after they refused to leave Columbia’s courtyard when ordered by police to disperse.

Shafik has said that the actions of the protesters have “deeply saddened” her while condemning antisemitic sentiments expressed by the pro-Palestinian protesters. Shafik was in D.C. on Wednesday, April 17 while protesters formed an encampment on Columbia’s campus. House Republicans wanted Shafik to step down over her failure to secure the campus and maintain order.

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