Biden Campaign Believes He Can Flip Florida Blue

( – President Biden released a new string of attack ads in Florida reminding voters that Donald Trump had a hand in overturning Roe v. Wade. The timing was appropriate, the Florida Supreme Court just affirmed the legality of the state’s six-week abortion ban.

The ad opens with Trump taking responsibility for overturning the decades long precedent that gave women in all fifty states the legal ability to terminate their pregnancy. Trump appointed three judges to the nine judge panel during his term, installing a majority of conservatives which ultimately led to the decision being overturned.

Biden claims that Trump will pursue a nation-wide ban on abortion if re-elected in the ad. Whether or not it’s true doesn’t matter.

In February, Trump reiterated he hadn’t reached a decision on whether or not he supported a 15-week national ban on the practice. Trump is well aware that the issue is a politically charged one with potential to energize the Democrat base, should he push too hard.

Trump said the issue has gone back to the states during an interview with Sean Hannity in March. He said many states are putting the issue to their citizens in referendums, bills, and state constitutional amendments in some cases, with the citizenry choosing whether or not to support or ban the “right” of women to kill unborn babies.

Biden promised to restore Roe v. Wade and enshrine a woman’s “right to choose” to kill her child into law. Biden’s campaign believes that targeting voters in Florida is a wise strategic move as the six-week ban is perceived as exceptionally harsh among liberals and left-leaning centrists.

Campaign manager Julie Chavez-Rodriguez called it an “extreme abortion ban,” and credited Trump with paving the way for it. She suggested that the law will effectively ban the practice, despite it still being available for the first six weeks of pregnancy.

The campaign also said that it will spend over a million dollars purchasing airtime for this particular ad in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Nevada. They also believe they have a chance at flipping Florida, with abortion being a winning issue in their favor.

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